The Happiest Hour

Barnum presents the most magical, mystical, extraordinarily, & extravagant  Happy Hour! The best thing that has happened to Happy Hour since, well, Happy Hour!

The only spot in all of the downtownland Bridgeport to offer up such an incredible deal!

1/2 off your favorite beverages!

From the goose to the gander from Tropicana to Tanqueray !

Monday Thru Saturday 4pm to 6pm!! Bonus : As we cherish our BPT educators molding the minds of our youth, we offer up our early dismissal Happy Hour!

Teachers! You start your festivities daily @ 3PM to 5pm


 Barnum Bites 

Mini popcorn chicken pieces served up with your choice of BBQ, BUFFALO, or GARLIC PARMESAN sauces


Publick Fries 

Our very own house cut fries smothered with blue cheese fondue & crispy bacon 

Park City Sliders 

3 100% Angus mini burgers with lettuce & tomato on brioche buns 

Short Rib Nachos 

House made potato chips buried under braised short rib with a root beer glaze, 3 cheeses, sour cream, jalapeños, tomatoes & onion 


5 large juicy breaded chicken wings with a side of buffalo, blue cheese & celery